Liam Young's Student Pierce Myer's creates film for Cyber Monday

“Words like the ‘Cloud’ make the internet seem like something immaterial. They obscure the fact that the internet is already one the most energy intensive systems on the planet. I wanted to represent the its raw physicality, to make our global information network feel synonymous with the earth system,” comments Pierce Myer on Motherboard.

For this year’s Cyber Monday, Pierce Myer, a graduate filmmaker of Propela client Liam Young’s Sci Arc’s Fiction and Entertainment Studio, created a speculative short film set in Mumbai on a vertical server farm on a Cyber Monday in the not-too-distant future.

The film, debuted on Motherboard and explores the spaces beyond our online shopping impulses with a distinctly (and refreshingly) non-dystopian bent. For most of us, “[cyber monday means clicking through endless online guides to the best deals deals deals before some smaller fraction of us decides to click through endless screens of actual deals deals deals. One thing very, very few of us will be thinking about regardless is the sheer scale of the labor and infrastructure it takes to make that idle web shopping possible” writes Motherboard.

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Watch the video below.