Marije Vogelzang's 'Bento' exhibition reaches 60,000 visitors

The door’s have just closed on Propela client, Marije Vozelgang’s Bento exhibition at the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum. The exhibition attracted over 60.000 visitors in less than 3 months.

The Intangible Bento installation resembled a bento box when viewed from the top' and invited visitors to venture 'inside the box'. Once there, the 'Spirit of Bento' would guide visitors trough the bento box by using a 'spirit-phone' to talk to them. Inside the forest of ribbons, visitors listen to the voice of the Spirit of bento and encounter all the intangible aspects of bento. Think of bento memories, plastic waste as side effect of store-bought bento's, human connection trough everybody involved in the production of the bento box, future meat, the amount of water used to produce the food inside a bento box, microbes etc. The experience involved specific scents made for the exhibition, ceramic objects, a hugging spirit, meditation, imagination and works by studio Eric Klarenbeek, Philipp Kolmann and Mediamatic.

Watch the installation video below.

Marije Vogelzang Bento Propela
Deborah Rey-Burns