Propela client Yuri Suzuki, partner at Pentagram drops an anti-Brexit acid house album

Japanese artist Yuri Suzuki, a Propela client, has released an acid house record and video protesting Brexit  and the rise of anti-immigrant mentality.

Called Acid Brexit, the three-track album and video is a collaboration between Suzuki, fellow Pentagram partner Luke Powell and his brother Jody Hudson-Powell.

The album cover has a European flag with an upside down, yellow smiley face in the place of one of its stars. A disorientating short video accompanies the record, featuring an oversized smiley dancing across Westminster bridge in London.

The video, created by the Powell brothers, references the flashing graphics and DIY attitude of early acid house videos in the late 1980s and 1990s. It is completed with a blurred vignette that distorts the outer corners of the video, intended to evoke an acid trip.

Suzuki, who was recently appointed a partner at Pentagram, chose to embark on the project after experiencing first-hand the effects of Brexit on visa limitations and travelling in and out the UK.

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