Speculative Architect, Futurist, Sci-fi Shaper, Extreme Explorer, Provocateur, Technology Storyteller


Liam Young is a speculative architect who operates in the spaces between design, fiction and futures. His speculative futures think tank, Tomorrows Thoughts Today, is a practice that works across science, technology and architecture. Using fiction, film and performance, he explores the potential consequences of current emerging technologies and ecological conditions.

"Voted by Blueprint magazine as the top 25 people that will change architecture and design"  

To ground his design fiction practice in the realities of the present, Young also co-founded award winning nomadic workshop ‘Unknown Fields’, it travels to the extreme corners of the globe to investigate emerging trends and uncover possible futures. Expeditions involve taking a group of designers to remote locations, like the worlds biggest lithium deposit in Bolivia or sapphire mines in Madagascar, and while at the source of the action they workshop how the near future might look or feel. Scroll down below videos that were recorded on these beautiful yet haunting trips. 

Australian born but based in London and Los Angeles, Young's most notable project, ‘Loop 60Hz:Transmissions from the Drone Orchestra’, a collaboration with John Cale of the Velvet Underground, was a sellout live performance. Young’s work has featured in Wired, Time Magazine, NBC, BBC, and Dazed and Confused; he also splits his time between the U.S and UK where he holds academic positions at Princeton University and Architectural Association, respectively. 


  • University of Queensland School of Architecture, Australia
  • Royal Geographical Society, UK
  • Design Indaba Festival, South Africa
  • London Creative Agency, UK
  • Blueprint Magazine
  • Eyeo Festival, U.S
  • Architecture Matters, Germany
  • Nesta, UK
  • Z33 Gallery, BE
  • MU Foundation, NL
  • Pop Science, US
  • Architectural Association, UK
  • Het Nieuwe Instituut, NL
  • Nevada Museum of Modern Art, US
  • Architecture Foundation, UK
  • Icon Magazine, UK
  • New Scientist, UK
  • Venice Architecture Biennale, Italy


  • BBC, UK
  • Intel, International
  • Future Laboratory, UK
  • Princeton University, US
  • Philips Technologies, NL
  • Barbican Centre, UK
  • Vice, US
  • Dazed and Confused, UK
  • Tank, UK
  • Victoria and Albert Museum (V&A), UK
  • British Council, UK
  • Wired, UK
  • Creators Project,  UK/US
  • Resonate Festival, Serbia
  • Dezeen, U.K
  • Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona, Spain
  • Lisbon Architecture Triennale, Portugal

An interview by The Creators Project

Liam Young's collaboration with The Velvet Underground's John Cale for The Barbican  

DAMnº interviews Young for the Lisbon Architecture Triennale

Multiscreen performance at Sci Arc, L.A

Resonate Festival, Serbia

Eyeo Festival, Philidelphia

Short films from Unknown Fields - Liam Young's nomadic design studio

Rare Earthenware a series of vases made from radio active materials, which are widely used in high end electronics and green technologies.

Christmas Unwrapped an expedition to factories in China that broke many records for the BBC

Machines of Post Human Production an installation for the Human+ Exhibition at CCCB Barcelona

Electric Earth An expedition to the worlds largest lithium mine in Bolivia

Journey to Treasure Island a portrait of a human conveyor belt in a sapphire mine in Madagascar

A World Adrift an expedition to China

More Projects