Prof. Charles Spence consults on 'Digital Seasoning' at Dutch Design Week

For this year’s Dutch Design Week, designer Laila Snevele presented ‘Digital Seasoning’, an installation of five digital visualisations that creates an alternate reality easting experience by   stimulate the taste buds…without showing edible ingredients or releasing their scent.  Proving that ‘taste’ is a construct of the mind, this novel concept was inspired by the neurological research of Propela speaker, Professor Charles Spence. Charles’ research explains that elements like colour, shape, sound, temperature, and material can be used to intensify or create illusions about taste and digital seasoning activates one’s brain neurons just by looking at the expressive visualisations. Laila is a graduate of the Design Academy Eindhoven, Food Nonfood department led by yet another Propela Speaker, Marije Vogelzang

Laila Snevele Dutch Design Week Propela Charles Spence.png