Neil Harbisson in the news

This week, Propela Superhero Neil Harbisson made the international headlines again for his new ability to receive images and sounds directly into his head from other people, effectively carrying an internet connection inside his skull. 

“Selected people – one from each continent – can send images or sounds to my head using their mobile phone cameras or microphones. This separation of my body and my sense makes me feel as if I have an eye and ear in each continent. Sometimes I might be facing a boring brick wall, yet I will be receiving a beautiful sunset from my 'Australian eye'". 

"I see this as a body part, not a device, but as an organ," quoted him. "And I don't wear an antenna, I have an antenna. So I see this as part of me."

Neil is the world’s first cyborg. Born with a rare form of colourblindness (where the world is only perceived in shades of grey), in 2004 he embedded an ‘antenna’ into his skull that would allow him to re-tune his senses. 

International press coverage includes The Mirror (UK), Gulf NewsIndia Today,  El Sol De Parral (Meixco), Daily Mail (UK) amongst many others. 

Deborah Rey-Burns