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"Lucy wowed the audience with her incredible work, her humour, her vulnerability and her thought-provoking ideas. Her ability to dance between disciplines is tremendously exciting and she interrogates and pushes boundaries in ways that feel very relevant right now."

Tribeca Film Festival, U.S.A

What will the human body be like in the future? That's a question being probed by Lucy McRae and her work explores themes of space travel, human augmentation, survival and adaptation.

A former classical ballerina who then trained in interior design, Lucy is also the world’s first Body Architect - a name given to her when she worked for the Philip’s Innovation Lab in The Netherlands over 10 years ago. During her time there she focused on emotional sensing and developed stretchable electronics and an electronic tattoo well before wearable technology hit our zeitgeist.
Since leaving Philips.
Lucy’s work continues to use the body as an interface for storytelling. Her provocative films straddle the worlds of science and technology and her work is inherently fascinated with the relationship between the body, technology and the grey areas of synthetic and organic materials.

Lucy invents playful, imaginary worlds underpinned by current technology to create portals of possibility that provoke the way people approach the future. These provocative, and often grotesquely beautiful imagery, explore the connective tissue between science and imagination and this has led to collaborations with globals brands including Aesop, Intel, Vogue, Swarovski and Levis.

How will Artificial Intelligence define 'perfection'? This is the provocation behind her long-awaited new project, the Biometric Mirror commissioned by The Science Gallery Melbourne’s ‘Perfection’ show this Autumn 2018. Visitors enter a futuristic beauty salon where an AI scans biometric data, revealing a digital facial aka a mathematically ‘perfect’ version of your own face.

  • Listed by Fast Company as one of 50 designers shaping the future

  • An electronic tattoo and a range of emotional sensing dresses that were awarded Time’s Best Fashion Invention

  • Featured as the next big name in innovation for 2016 by Wired magazine and Intel

  • In 2012 McRae was invited to join the TED Fellowship programme and spoke at TED Long Beach on How Technology will Transform the Body, which has had 1.5 million views and counting.



  • TED Global, U.S

  • Re/code, U.S

  • Royal Society London, U.K

  • CPH:Dox, Denmark

  • Minc, Sweden

  • Unilever, U.K

  • Venice Biennale, Italy

  • Frank Gehry, U.S

  • Hyper Island, U.S

  • Kunsthochschule, Germany

  • OFFF, Spain

  • Postpanic, NL

  • RMIT, Australia


  • Unilever

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  • Vogue

  • Aésop

  • Robyn

  • Centre Pompidou

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  • Nick Knight

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  • Sky Italia

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  • Channel 4 UK

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