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LJ Rich is an absolute live wire of energy, imagination and inspiration: she’s a presenter, journalist, producer, inventor, creator, and composer. As presenter for the BBC technology show “Click”, LJ has become an influential voice in technology with a deep understanding of the unexpected ways technology trends and innovations are changing established markets.

A rare female voice in the tech world, she also seeks out the more eccentric end of where humans, creativity and technology meet:
_ LJ has performed data analysis to define the ultimate dance anthem

_ She’s subverted London’s Bluetooth beacons and turned them into a musical installation

_ She’s built interactive musical installations for SXSW, Harvard, Bestival UK and Nocturnal Wonderland in L.A.

Further to tech trend presentations, LJ has created unique talks where she combines music and innovation: she can either take you on a hyper-immersive journey of her synaesthesia condition (using sound and smell) or she can perform on piano whilst sharing a musician’s guide to innovation.

Accolades for LJ Rich

_ LJ Rich is most famous for presenting the BBC’s flagship technology show ‘Click’

_ She has both synesthesia and the rare auditory phenomenon ‘Perfect Pitch’

_ At 11 yrs old she was awarded a scholarship to the highly prestigious Royal College of Music, UK

_ She has interviewed everyone from the CEO of Google and founder of Twitter through to Brian May and Stevie Wonder
_ She is credited with growing BBC’s Click’s Twitter account to 2 million followers


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