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James Bridle is an interdisciplinary artist, journalist, and technologist. He takes current technologies (like drones, driverless cars and streaming services) and explores their possibilities via hypothetical objects, installations and thought pieces. Through these speculative scenarios, he’s creating a provocative space where we are forced to challenge, question, wonder at and critique our relationship with technology.

With the forensic eye of a journalist, his work does away with the sci-fi, ‘space age’ vision of the future, and instead reflects on our actual new realities based on current technologies. Core themes of his work surround artificial intelligence, data ownership censorship, automation, surveillance, security, and digital citizenship.

His landmark project Drone Shadows saw James catapult on to the international stage; the artwork is an outline of a full size drone, mapped onto real-world environments giving these concealed terror machines human-scale context and it has been exhibited in major galleries worldwide.

Most recently, James’ article on the ‘Something is wrong with the internet’ was syndicated all around the world and it pressurised Youtube into cancelling 50 channels aimed at children. The post has been shared over 2 million times and generated thousands of comments on Twitter.   

Accolades for James Bridle

_ Named one of the 100 Most Influential people in Europe by Wired

_ Winner of London Design Museum’s Designer of the Year award

_ Winner of the Excellence Award at the Japan Media Arts Festival

_ Honorary Mentions at Ars Electronica in 2013 and 2014

_ James coined the term New Aesthetic: the blending of the virtual and physical worlds

_ His article on Medium was read 2 million times and led to 50 channels being cancelled on Youtube

The Conference, Sweden  Media Evolution

Cannes Lions, France - Modelling the Weather to Predict Voting

The Influencers, Spain -  Failing to distinguish between a tractor trailer and a bright white sky

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