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Indy Johar is a firework of ideas. He envisions a society with conditions for radical hope built in – a system with inherent audacity. He can talk like that, because he walks like that. He’s co-founded a number of socially-led businesses, and he places emphasises on the “co” in front of all his roles. That is one of the things that makes Indy stand out as a serial and social entrepreneur. Indy dives deep into the detail and jumps up over the blue sky – where he thinks broad and wild with an amazing insight into the mechanics of the world.

  • Indy Johar is an architect, co-founder of 00 ( Research Laboratory & Skunk Works and a Senior Innovation Associate with the Young Foundation and Visiting Professor at the University of Sheffield.

  • Indy believes that the key to tackling society's problems lies in radically re-thinking the way our institutions and infrastructures re-organise their systems, from the inside out. Beyond small start-up culture, true impact and societal value will come when ‘corporate’ bodies in the broadest sense are able to catalyse changes. As a result he works with large global multinationals & institutions to support their transition to a positive Systems Economy.

  • He thinks democracy is not about ‘the vote’, but the democratic power to create our cities. How do we unleash the many to create, re-imagine and remake our cities?

  • He provocatively posits that innovation needs a boring revolution

  • Indy, on behalf of 00, has co-founded multiple social ventures from Impact Hub Westminster to Impact Hub Birmingham and the HubLaunchpad Accelerator.

  • explorations/experiments include the award-winning projects and

  • He also founded Dark Matter Laboratories which utilises an experimental method typical of a fieldwork scientific laboratory, undertaking real-world research and prototyping in order to seed the next generation of 21st Century institutional infrastructure. They are working on a range of initiatives from developing a new class of System Change - Impact funds, to @Town_halls for Social Innovation, to the development of a new generation of Polytechnics, and the transformation of numerous existing institutions.

  • Indy is advisor to the Mayor of London's SME Working Group

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