Dark Matter Labs, Earth Security Advisor, Democracy Disruptor


Indy Johar is an architect, co-founder of 00 ( Research Laboratory & Skunk Works and a Senior Innovation Associate with the Young Foundation and Visiting Professor at the University of Sheffield.

Indy, on behalf of 00, has co-founded multiple social ventures from Impact Hub Westminster to Impact Hub Birmingham and the HubLaunchpad Accelerator, along with working with large global multinationals & institutions to support their transition to a positive Systems Economy. He has also co-led research projects such as The Compendium for the Civic Economy, whilst supporting several 00 explorations/experiments including the, Indy is an Advisor to the Earth Security Initiative and a director of WikiHouse Foundation.

He also founded Dark Matter Laboratories utilises an experimentation method typical of a fieldwork scientific laboratory, undertaking real-world research and prototyping in order to seed the next generation of 21st Century institutional infrastructure. They are currently working on a range of initiatives from developing a new class of System Change - Impact funds, to @Town_halls for Social Innovation, to the development of a new generation of Polytechnics, and the transformation of numerous existing institutions.

Indy is a Fellow of the RSA, Republica Fellow, JRF Anti-Poverty Strategy Programme Advisory Group member and a member of the Mayor of London's SME Working Group and most recently a member of the RSA Inclusive Growth Commission.


  • RSA, London
  • Made In Space, Copenhagen
  • The Conference, Sweden
  • Open State, Australia
  • Wesbstock, New Zealand
  • TedX, Oxbridge

Keynote Topics

  • Architecture
  • SME and Social Enterprise                                    
  • Systems Economy
  • Civic Economy
  • Urban & Regional Renewal
  • Institutional Infrastructure   

Democratising Cities, The Conference

The Dark Matter of Open Making, Made In Space, Denmark

the Dark Matter of Democracy, Webstock, New Zealand

Democratising the Creative CitY, Creative Victoria, Australia