Digital Prophet, Low Tech Evangelist, Technology Critic, Performance Artist, Techno Skeptic


The Amish Futurist is the alter-ego of Alexa Clay.

She is a provocateur in search of tech’s human underbelly. The Amish Futurist is on a quest to find meaning in a world full of digital temptations, she resists the lure of technology optimism and instead prefers a low-tech profile.

As a performance character who gives talks and wanders aimlessly around tech conferences, the Amish Futurist provides you with provocation to reflect existentially on entrepreneurship and digital technology. 

She is an investigation into slowing down, talking to strangers, and playing with my modern identity. As the modern world drives forward by constant technological advances, the Amish Futurists stops to ask if the use of technology sustainable for our psyche? Even if we simply ignore the increasing stresses of constant digital accessibility on our iPhones, at Twitter or Facebook, the eventual consequences will be felt. The Amish Futurist looks at the impact that technology is having on our minds, emotions, relationships, sense of place and purpose. She shares her perspectives on buttermilk, technology fears and phobias, and her search for the soul of the startup scene.

Her talks are a nostalgic stopover on our journey into the future – each session is filled with digital self-reflection and a chance to ask ourselves who we were, instead of who we are.

She has written for Fast Company and has appeared in a number of tech conferences challenging audiences to question what is the new normal. She's both an experience and inspiring. 



  • re:public 
  • SXSW
  • TEDx San Miguel
  • Makeshift Society San Francisco
  • Tech Open Air Berlin
  • DEAF Biennale  

The Amish Futurist at re:publica 2014

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