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"The Misfit Economy is the best business book to read in 2015" 

The World Economic Forum and Huffington Post

A brilliant and engaging storyteller, Alexa Clay takes you inside the hearts and minds of the innovators working at the fringes of society. Clay is passionate about subcultures and inspires you to rethink your assumptions on ingenuity. She has uncovered that the underworld is filled with natural-born-innovators.

  • Alexa is co-author of best selling book The Misfit Economy, named the pre-eminent business book to read by The World Economic Forum, TechRepublic, The Telegraph and Huffington Post. In the book Alexa interviews over 500 criminals, including Somali Pirates, LA drug dealers, hackers and NY con artists to unveil their remarkable ingenuity. 

  • She founded the League of Intrapreneurs in 2012: A global movement of corporate change makers working to transform business from the inside out. Through this organisation she’s consulted for the Clintons and Richard Branson to promote innovation from within.

  • On a mission to change the worlds perception of criminals and their contribution to society, she wants us to stop viewing them as burdens, locking away their expertise in the process and start viewing them as valued individuals whose distinctive knowledge can be redirected and repurposed for society’s benefit. 

  • Through her Misfit Academy, Alexa teaches others how to think like the underworld’s most creative, innovative and forward-thinking individuals and how to apply their lessons to more formal markets. 

  • She is also the Founder of Wisdom Hackers, an incubator for philosophical inquiry

  • When not operating as Alexa, you can find her playing ‘Rebekah, The Amish Futurist’ a provocative alter ego that challenges modern life. ‘Rebekah’ also gives talks and moderates panels to challenge our reliance on technology.

    Selected Press links: The Economist, Forbes, NASDAQ, Fortune, Wired, CNBC, VICE, The New Statesmen 


  • Microsoft

  • Virgin

  • Unilever

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  • Vice

  • The New York Times


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