The Future Of... is a new ground breaking talk series by Propela, where we invite the artists and designers that are shaping your future. 

By cutting out the middle man, you are getting direct access to the creatives that are influencing the edges of tomorrow. 

Watch the video from 2016

Here is the line up of speaker from 2016

The Future of Food

Indo Garini will examine the power of food and eating. On how it taps into the core of our existence beyond the basic survival need and how this has, is and will shape humanity, culture, politics and creativity. 

The Future of Sustainability  

How is your fridge contributing to global food waste? Most of us want to do the right thing when it comes to the environment by recycling, but things aren’t as simple as opting for the paper bag.  Leyla Acaroglu will be dismantling everything you thought about sustainability to set you on a new greener path. 

The Future of Art 

Art has always served us as a heightened lens to better understand ourselves and the world we live in. But In these rapidly changing times where the 'facts' are hard to define and rapid-firing news sources only seem to regurgitate events in click-bait reporting. Margot Bowman will examine how GIF art is quickly becoming the artform of her generation. 

The Future of Health

Lucy McRae believes that examining the future of the body beyond the Earth's environment will benefit human health on Earth. For the Future of Health 2016 McRae will use projects as case studies to illustrate this perspective as she merges health, entertainment and biotechnology markets.

The Future of Identity 

Yifei Chai's Pretender Project allows you to hack someone else's body; with a £100k investment from the UK Government the potential applications for it are now endless. In his talk Chai will challenge your perception of identity and make you rethink how technology and VR will affect our sense of selves in the near and far future.        

The Future of Making

Celebrating radical ideas Caroline Till will explore the future of digital fabrication & distributed manufacture. She will share case studies (both small scale and city-size) demonstrating the rise of the maker movement, new material innovations, and the future self-sufficient home factory.

The Future of Play 

The urban landscape is fast becoming an interface for new modes of play through the use of new technologies that clip-on to existing mega structures to remix their functions. Di Mainstone will survey how these interventions are allowing us to create magic within the public realm altering our perception of the city. 



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