Restaurateur, Creative Director, Entrepreneur, Refugee Campaigner, Speaker

Nahji Chu

Nahji Chu started her career as an actor, journalist, then animator before turning her hand to her biggest passion - food. Known in Australia as ‘The Queen of Rice Paper Rolls’, Chu is the founder and creative director of misschu, which until 2016 was the country's most creative fast food brand. 

One of the first Vietnamese/Laotian refugees to settle in Australia, Chu is a recognised social commentator on refugee rights. She built a restaurant empire fusing design, childhood memories and fabulous food, where everything from the menu to the interior design reflected the rich and complex history of her life. The first site opened in 2009, and in a short time it has grown to 9 sites across Melbourne, Sydney and London. In 2015 the company went into voluntary administration and was renamed Saigon Lane.

The stellar growth of the misschu brand was attributed to Chu's savviness on social media, engagement with the arts and an enriched understanding of modern working life. By combining an honest narrative with high end vietnamese food, Chu created an authentic brand that inspired a generation of Australian food brands based on childhood memories. 

After having arrived in Australia as a refugee she turned her passion
for food into a multi-million dollar business

A regular on television, Chu is also a talented filmmaker, a Refugee Week Ambassador and controversial figure in Australian politics. Chu speaks around the world on brand building, business, philanthropy and politics. In her spare time she plans world domination for the refugee cause. 


  • Melbourne Fashion Week
  • Westpac Bank
  • Hagar International
  • Vivid Festival
  • The Wheeler Centre 
  • Robert Walters
  • Wheller Centre

Nahji Chu's TEDx talk in Warwick, UK

In 2011 Nahji Chu commissioned Lucy McRae to create a short film for misschu, Make your Maker.  

Epic Fail for the Wheller Centre in 2015

An interview with Nahji Chu on Australian television for ABC

An interview with Nahji Chu on Australian television for SBS

Nahji Chu's profile piece by Volkswagen Australia

Nahji Chu's marketing campaign for misschu Australia