Food Artist, Epicurious Choreographer, Speaker

Caroline Hobkinson is a food artist that curates and creates immersive dining experiences; her three favourite ingredients are fishing wire, helium and liquid nitrogen. Focused on the ritual and spectacle of eating food as performance and social commentary, Hobkinson forces diners to reassess the way they eat as one-off events for gallery, public and private spaces. 

"The dinner was charming. It was impressive. When I walked in, I felt like a child desperate for Santa to come"

From global brands to institutions, Hobkinson has create disruptive and immersive dining experience for small and large audiences across the world. For Koppardberg she created a magical Swedish forest with a heady mix of smells, tastes and sounds. The Hoxton Hotel was transformed using pine, peat and mushrooms, whilst forest sounds, furry cups and deliciously pickled strawberries were accompanied by Kopparberg martinis. For Persil she helped launch their new Power Ball by getting diners to create "a mighty mess" and Bombay Sapphire celebrated Design Week with every blue dish imaginable and sound frequencies that twisted the taste buds.

Working independently or collaborating with high profile chefs her choreographed experimental feasts never fail to stun weary journalists and bloggers. As a result Hobkinson's work has featured in the New York Times, The Independent, Die Zeit, BBC Radio 3, The Evening Standard and the Guardian. 


  • Kopparberg, UK
  • Unilever, UK
  • Bombay Sapphire, UK
  • Sturm und Drang, Germany
  • Salone Milano, Italy
  • Haus der Kulturen, Germany
  • Royal Academy, UK


  • Barbican, UK
  • Scottish Whiskey Distilleries, UK
  • Gwangju Biennale, South Korea
  • Cambridge University, UK
  • Windtunnels, UK
  • Museum of London, UK
  • Soho House, UK

Caroline Hobkinson's presentation at the Royal Institute's Food, the Brain and Us talk series


Caroline Hobkinson's Immersive Feast in a Swedish Forest for Koppardberg at the Hoxton Hotel, London

Caroline Hobkinson's tasting feast


Caroline Hobkinson's residency at the House of Wolf


Caroline Hobkinson's immersive dinner at Visby

Caroline Hobkinson food artist

Caroline Hobkinson's  culinary adventure commissioned by FranklinTill Studio, Sensual night of Taste and Touch.


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